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Or Committee Report (דו"ח ועדת אור) (February 2008) New!
Uploaded full report text since the official committee website is down. Contents: Israeli committee set up to investigate the events of October 13, 2000, when Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel were attacked by Jewish Israeli fellow citizens.

How an Israeli Military Base is born (January 2007)
Brilliant Hebrew presentation by Rea Lavi - how the IDF builds bases around Israel.

Your guide for business suicide in search engines (September 2006)
Twelve anti-tips to making it impossible for people who might search for you on the web. Published in Globes.

Ten things you didn't know about Google (August 2006)
Selected weaknesses of the world's strongest search engine.
NRG also re-published this article with minor changes.

The Search - John Battelle (August 2006)
Book review: chronicle of the search engine industry in USA, before and after Google.

Morocco Pictures by Noa & Moria (May 2006)
Noa and her mom's trip to west side of North Africa.

Tom Segev - '1967' Book Review (December 2005)
How Israel got stuck with the occupied territories - the aweful truth.

Shlomi Eldar - Gaza Book Review (November 2005)
Israeli journalist covering the Gaza strip wrote a book - here's what Uri thinks.

Prague Pictures - Noa & Uri's journey to Czech capital city (November 2005)
Selection of photos from the historic city at the center of Europe.

Richard Dawkins & the welfare state (Oct. 2005)
Famous evolutionist author on the exploitation of the modern welfare system.

Apolonia Pictures - Crusaders' Fort on the Mediterrenean Sea (02/01/05)
Remains of an old Byzantine city, located near the city of Hertzliya.

Cuba Pictures - Noa & Galia's Trip to Castro's Domain (7/12/04)
Beautiful picture album from the Communist land that Uncle Sam dislikes so much.

The Right to be Elected to the Knesset in a Post-Democratic state - Seminary Work (27/5/04)
Israeli law puts heavy limits on the right to run for parliament. This happened because Israel has become a Post-Democracy. Limiting the right to be elected hurts Israeli politics, hurts the Palestinian people, and encourages violence as a way of life.

Search Engines & The Law - Seminary Work (19/4/04)
Legal issues regarding Trademark use in keyword advertising (Google AdWords, Overture.com etc), freedom of digital/computer speech, advertising disclosure, consumer protection, unfair optimization tactics (Cloacking, Metatag abuse), court roulings & the ideology behind computer algorithms.

File Sharing & P2P - Digital Utopia (10/2/04)
How peer-to-peer software changed our daily lives, copyright law, the music industry and open-source movements.

Israeli Separation Wall - Facts & Legal Issues (Updated Weekly)
Why the giant "security fence" is an act of pure Israeli violence and land-grabbing, a violation of international law & unjustified deviation from the original 1967 'Green Line'.

'Catch-22' is peanuts compared to service in the occupied territories (2004)
Testimony of first Sergeant Uri Breitman, who, while performing his regular service with the IDF with the army radio station in 1995-1996, also spent a few weeks guarding construction of a new road around Nablus and an Israeli settlement called Hermesh.

Ahvak - top-notch modern progressive rock (24/12/03)
Detailed review of "Ahvak", the debut album from an excellent Israeli band. This is the best prog-rock effort from Zion to date, and is highly recommended. Page includes stormy mp3 samples.

Political Satire - Wanted: Marketing Consultant for a tourism project [and bribe] (9/2/04)
How rich Israeli businessmen corrupt our small government - and sometime get away with it easily.

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Big Fish


Dinner Rush

The Pianist

Gangs of New York

Broken Wings

Mystic River


Real Women have Curves

State and Main

Twillight Samurai

Migrating Birds

Kill Bill - Part I

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers

Lord of The Rings - The Return of The King

Full list of film reviews...

Articles published in Nana Portal

Since the site was created in 13/7/99 to January 2004

Lord of the Rings and Hanuka (18/12/03)
Many similar subjects appear on both stories - Tolkien's mythology vs. Hebrew legend

Dream Theater - Train of Thought (9/11/03)
CD Review of Progressive-Metal's best-selling bands - their latest album isn't so hot

What are the Israelis searching for? (28/8/03)
Who dominates the Israeli web, what are people really looking for - and who are the leading brand names?Nana has the stats to prove the point.

How to be a Google star? (7/8/03)
The world's most powerful search engine knows what it likes. We have no choice but to adapt.

"Lord of The Rings - Return of The King"'s trailer leaked to the web (3/8/03)
When you're working on digital film tools, you can't prevent people from leaking these trailers.

Copy Control - soon in Israel (2/7/03)
Helicon, an Israeli music company, is going to use Copy Control,a controversial new technology, used to block CD's from any kind of digital copying - even legal ones.

Google = Monopoly? (30/5/03)
The biggest search engine in the world is gaining too much power,which makes some people
worried about the nature of the web.

Matrix Reloaded - The Critics don't like it (19/5/03)
It's about the fact that the sequel is not as good as the 1st movie.

Mashina's Comeback
The beloved Israeli rock band is back in business. We'll see how long it lasts

Letters from the Holocaust (Book Review)
One of the most horrible documents I ever read in my life, and probably in Humanity's history

Egypt Exodus - it never happened
Don't believe all those fairy tales - it's a myth, just like Hercules or Isis

The Palestinian-Algerian Connection (Book Review)
The French have more than a clue about the price of ongoing military occupation
- we Israelis can learn a great deal from their trauma.

Good Morning, David Bowie
How I met Bowie in Israel and got so excited that I failed my military mission

Acum-Galatz Conflict
The story of the political struggle between musicians and ministry of defence

Atmosphera - Israeli Progressive Rock (Album Review)
A lost gem in a sea of dirt and filth

Ministry of Judaism
Learn how Israel is pouring billions into only one small religion - through govermental taxes.

The Lord of The Rings should quit his job
Tolkien must be rolling in his grave. Well, he isn't - but he should.

Star Wars - 2005 Movie forecast
It's easy to predict the future when you're dealing with mass-marketing science fiction flicks.

News First Class - Yoav Yitzhak's web-baby
A freelance journalist fulfills his life-long dream - and builds his own media zone.

Anthrax in Israel
Basic facts, the danger, the cures etc.

How one search engine started dominating the entire web.

Drinking urine is good for you
Well - maybe not GOOD, but surely it ain't that bad.

Amazon.com's most addicted reviewers
World's biggest shopping center offers people the chance to write 100's of Reviews.
Some of them took it pretty far.

Guide to Israeli Cyber-Weddings (This article is now a bit out-dated, since many sites have been built since)

Best websites of 2001

Sorry, no women allowed on this island
Amazing story about a place with no females. These Atos Island guys are crazy. Honest.

Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics opposition says: it just costs too much.

Click me (Britney) one more time
Teen-Queen's fans online activity is bordering on insanity.

It's great to die for Hollywood
The female stunt-doubles who risked their lives so we can enjoy our popcorn.

Every kid wants to be CEO
Internet kids want to join the digital revolution, and are willing to give away their salary for the manager title.

Congratulations! You're going to pay Bezeq some more
I got a lot of supportive emails after this one. People still hate this media monopoly.

Why Politicians fear the web
Finally, Israel's most precious political information is at our fingertips.

The Dark side of Purim
A few reasons to dislike the Jewish holiday of costumes.

Best Passover sites on the web

Best Purim sites on the Web

Email Inventor
We all owe Ray Tomlinson a big favour. He's a true innovator - and now the spammers took his baby and ruined it.

Smoking, stealing and ruling the web
Three interesting web stories from around the world.

Dot.com is out, out, out
Finding new and exciting new domain alternatives from other countries.

Strangest accidents of 1999

Von-Erichs: Death, Violence and Tragedy
Sad story of the wrestling family who killed itself over the years. Israelis watched the WCCW matches
on TV during the 80's, and liked it very much.

Twenty things you didn't know about Soccer

Murphy's Law was never invented
Murphy never invented them, and the true story is pretty wierd.

Everything you wanted to click about SEX

Barak wants Internet for Everyone
Ehud Barak has some crazy ideas, altough he knows a thing or two about the web.

Alternative People of the century

Using the web to study the Holocaust

Videotape, Lies and more Lies
What celebs really mean when they declare stuff.

Israel's beauty queen pageant is full of strange quotes with very little credibility.

Fading culture web-zines

And the Oscar goes to... Oops!

Best Hanuka sites on the web

AIDS - more drugs, more patients

James bond vs. Orthodox Jews
Funny story about the never-ending struggle between Ultra-Orthodox jews & modern reality.

Hanuka donuts are Devil's work

How to survive Hanuka

Net-Addicted? Me? No way
It's very hard to admit that the web has made us slaves of the keyboard.

Everybody's against us, after all

"Best site on the Net! Really!"

When will the Millenium actually start?

Things you didn't know about the 20th Century

Shopping Agents and how to employ them

Eddie Murphy and TV censors

Online struggle of the disabled

It only happens in the movies

Corruption of the "Golden Screen"

Pokemon's Coming: Hide your wallets (Propehtic Article)

Syria says: There is no such thing as Israel

Bibi is still the prime minister (Now out-dated)

Richest people on Earth

Gifts you never got

Nana's site of the year award

Cyber-Elvis lives

Hanoch Levin, Israel's greatest playwright - is dead

Meir Ariel dies

Hitler, Rabin and Elvis close the century

MP3 Revolution

Cable-satelite war

Brad Pitt and the friendly Goat

Yizhar Ashdot's romance with the Net

Get ready for the new school year

Yom-Kippur fast

U.S. Shcool Violence


Articles published in The Blind Janitor (Music Reviews Database)

David Bowie - Outside

Shalom Hanoch - Waiting For Mashiach

Roger Waters - Amused To Death

Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow

Anglagard - Hybris

Camel - Snow Goose

Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory

King Crimson - Red

Queensryche - Operation MindCrime

Rush - Moving Pictures

Thinking Plague - In Extremis

Roy Yarkoni - The Best of What Dreams Are Made of

Articles published in Hofesh.org.il (Israeli secular Judaism organization)

Dawkins, The Welfare State & the Haredim Expolitation of Israel's Democracy (10/10/05)

Kashrut - the food cage of Jewish religion (21/12/03)

Creation of Tel Aviv - two flies talking about time, god and religion (18/10/03)

Digital Ghetto - Netomail & Bezeq

Hazara? Tshoova? no such thing

High Court: The Kosher fraud law should be abolished

Masturbation & Haredim

Brit Mila is not healthy

Religion merchants on the Israeli train - what the law says

UltraOrthodoxation - Personal Story

The Status-Quo deal

God and the Jewish Holocaust (Shoa)

Passover - from freedom to slavery in Israel

Corruption at the ministry of religious affairs


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