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The Ultimate Music guide is no other than Allmusic.com  - it has the most amazing database, with all the discographies, disc reviews and artist histories and biographies. I spent, spend (and will keep spending) an embarrassing number of hours there, and if you like music, you'll have difficulties finding your way out of there. AMG's the best.

The most proffessional sites for the music industry are Billboard Online and RIAA. The billboard is an on-line version of the famous music industry magazine, that gives you all the record charts - who's hot and who's not. The Rolling Stone is also a respected source. If you are interested about the money behind the corrupt music biz, these two are the oldest, cleverest foxes in the jungle. And since I love "prog", I cannot avoid recommending the GEPR, a fabulous online Encyclopedia to Progressive Rock. The ProgArchives portal is also a heaven for prog-heads.

  • Entertainment
The most proffessional source for showbiz is still Variety. The writers are highly knoweldgable, the info is always 'on the spot', and it's a smart way of understanding the way the system works - that means how money is being moved from one bank account to the other.
The CNN network has her own showbiz site - very serious but very news-oriented. CNN-Showbiz has a rich news archive, and all the interesting showbuzz and top ten charts.
The last but not least source is E!Online, the naughty brother - much more gossip-oriented, young and restless, dealing with rumors and what-ifs rather than the actual biz. But - it's one of the coolest - and more interesting - on the web.

  • Movies
The net is packed with movie sites. The most well known is IMDB, of course, but one of my favorite centers is Film.com, which focuses on latest realeses. Roger Ebert's reviews are also a treat. Yahoo Movies is very useful, as well. For Israel, I use two sites: Seret & Walla Movies.

Thinking of catching a movie on video, cable or on the big screen, and you don't trust the usual critics ? MRQE is the accomplished tool for film reviews - you get dozens of various sources for reviews, which gives you a balanced, objective understanding of the movie. The database is huge in the case of latest flicks, and gets thinner as you go back in history - but it's the best deal. A big thank-you goes to the developer of the MRQE database.
I use BitTorrent to download documentaries, special TV programs & audiobooks.

  • Museums
Thanks to the net - Museums, especially art museums - are now really a thing of the past. The greatest masterpieces are now free for your eyes - check all the Van goghs, De Vinci and Picassos at the amazing ArtChive, WebMuseum or at the ArtMuseum. All three are excellent - and saves you a ticket to Paris, London or Amsterdam.
Too bad Pablo Picasso couldn't live to see the web. Otherwise he would have gone straight to the Picasso Project, an amazing resource for all the fans of 20th century's greatest painter. Also worth a click is the amazing Salvador Dali gallery.

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  • More sites & pages
These sites are my own work. Of course I'm proud of them, darn it.

Mitkadem.co.il - Hebrew guide to Progressive Rock
Israel Separation Fence / Wall
Haifa Women's Crisis Shelter - HWCS

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