Daniel has celebrated his first (and last...) Bar-Mitzvah at "Moshav Udim", February 18th, 2006 . This is what he said to his guests (Hebrew text).

See the great "Tefillin" photos, taken by Michal on Thursday, Feb-23rd.
The "Aliyah-Latorah" took place at "Hadar" synagogue, Hod Hasharon, Saturday, 08:30 (AM), February 25th.

Read Ken's greeting for Daniel (English); Michal's greeting (Hebrew); Fritz Wolff's greeting ( English); Efi, Yaron & Yonatan's Hebrew greeting; Uri's greeting (English).

Watch a short movie (16 minutes long) detailing a day in the life of Daniel at 13.

Bar-Mitzvah photos courtesy of Shimon Rottenberg....thanks, Shimi!