Michal, my elder sister, was born on the 4th of July, 1966.

She is responsible for the birth of my nephew Daniel (visit the Daniel Info Center) with Kendrick Macdowell, and later her daughter Roni (see Roni's page) which she brought to the world with Yoram, her partner for life (see photo below).

Michal lives with Yoram's great family (Dan, Shachar & Eilat) in Hod Hasharon and works as a forensic interviewer and supervisor for the Israeli ministry of welfare.

In the past, Michal didn't like her picture being taken, but now she's ok with it. So now we have better photos to show online.
Old Picture - Michal Breitman
Yoram Sagir & Michal Breitman
Partners for life, parents of Roni